Wednesday, April 8, 2009

about nothing

Here I go again. For nothing.
This post officially has no meaning, purpose or reason to it. But no, wait, I do have a reason, I want to pass time and not by trying desperately to prove to myself that I am busy doing something important which is hardly ever the case. There are things, about me, my choices and my self, as in persona that is hardly known to most. The few who does know are either too close or too far away for myself to be uncomfortable about it! Secrets? One can say that, but are not so real or active things for them to be honored with that designation.
Now that I have raised a few eyebrows, let me change the topic. When I left the city most of us love for no good reason, I brought with myself 2 things. One, is a couple of books (I am yet to read any), and 'chhatu' (70% of it is still to be having the trip to my stomach)! Why am I mentioning that here? Because it's almost time. To go back to a place, close to home (not home exactly for me..he he). And among those 2 things, i have hardly utilized any! So much for my well thought out plans! This was a very small but significant example of how messy things have become these days.Growing up they say, but as old as I am now, I am not supposed to be growing up once more all over again. We all want to remain in our cages. But we do have go out. To try to live. In spite of the fact that we do or do not like the cage.

Trying, may not be with my best due to lack of interest and curiosity. But as a struggle, to survive.


The Sea Witch said...

the books, you will carry back, for me to read

the chhatu ... you shall scatter in the water

so that new york remembers you


olive oyl said...

Either do what Rudrani told you to, or consume the chhatu. Suppose it makes a mess in your bag on your journey back home? :p

olive oyl said...

where are you hibernating? wish you would write more :|

olive oyl said...

where are you? :| online asho na keno? ami toh ajkal ashchi onek. this isn't fair at all, you know :|

workhard said...

When u say we want to remain in our cages yeah we donot really want to get out of our comfort zone...

but thats what life is all about.. theres too much of it to explore..

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