Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new year, another new year. With only one difference. I thought I can manage it. Manage being so many thousand miles away from home. Convinced myself that 400 is as much as a few thousand. but its not. One always has to pay the price for his decisions. As for me, I like to live in a make believe world. So much so that I almost don't remember anything, all the details of my day to day life. i chose to forget. Initially it was tough. But i guess I have always been good at forgetting things. It helped.
The question is why am I here? Why do I have to tolerate what I am not sure I actually hate. I am here because I needed to. Because I had no other choice but to escape from myself. And to try to be better. Not sure how though. And yes, to break some myths that I have, about life. 
Do I sound confused? you bet i am. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.

p.s. Please ignore the number of I's in the last few sentences. How can I help it? I am becoming self-obsessed! (there goes another two..sigh.. :|)