Thursday, December 25, 2008

poor man's prose

For someone so conscious about himself being ordinary, i found out myself being extra-ordinary at that!! How? well...who cares! this is not a diary is it?
Wanted to write so many things, thought I would pour my heart out. But the I guess having a real bad writer's block. Or may be the day to night conversion is killing me. I never knew people can be so irritatingly polite! Incoherrent un-related comments leads to what conclusion? Madness? May be the awe, the work or simply the cold!!
For the first time in my life ice surrounds me. As it is ruining my 2.5K shoe, i can only curse my judgemnt on leather for this though! :
Scrible scribble, its almost dinner time and the menu being maggi and chirebhaja! Bow to you O Lazy fellow! good night.