Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Random musings from a bus

While going to office, looking at the guys and girls in formal attire with the shackle of a IT tag, sometimes it seems the entire generation is now a slave to the comfort of air condition and a false sense of affordability. Give us time I will give you money, the few intelligent businessman promised the masses when computers arrived. And then kept their promise.
But was the price fair?
What about science, culture, creativity? The only creativity these days is how many dollars you can show you saved for your almighty client by creating something special!
As I write this piece while riding to one such so called multi nationals, keeping my tag away just a tad bit till I get off the bus ( some precious minutes of elusive freedom), I wonder if the trade was a fair one. We robbed the priceless gift of time from multiple generations entirely by giving a sense of promise. Promise of affluence. What would one do with affluence if it rots by itself waiting for time?
Time the most precious commodity human kind knows till date. Only but its not a commodity because we can only measure it but cannot modify or make or earn.
The weekend culture used to be a thing of the great West. These days, while walking by the streets of the city I live in now, weekend is life for the 20 and 30 something. I have no clue about the 40 something and beyond. May be they are the only generation left with life? I mean life beyond the miserly 21% we have.
They promised software industry will never have political influence, unions, strikes. They kept that promise so far too. But they forgot to mention its not a magical place. They forgot to mention that the workers will be merely human. Not godly creatures!
Someone special calls me bilapix sometimes. An ode to the great Asterix series and the Bengali word. This was one such. Some do break this shackle for a life beyond. The uncertain wilderness.
I wish there was some businessman luring us to that too. Because clearly, without influence, we don't seem to be able to think  by and for ourselves.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This and that

It's been a long long while I logged on to this blog. To be precise, it's been almost 5 years. Sometimes I think I almost forgot it existed. Like the demise of orkut, some part of my subconscious mind assumed this blog doesn't exist. why? Now that is a question I would love to know the answer of.

There has been times I wanted to write something, somewhere. Keeping journals is a habit I have lost  too around the same time. Again, the reason is mostly unknown to myself.

People who know me in real life they would probably say it's expected of me because I fiercely guard my personal life from any intrusion. Probably because I value it too much not to share with everybody or just because my life it's so damn boring that I prefer keeping most of it private. But this theory doesn't really hold true because I know it for a fact that at the same time my life started getting somewhat exciting, I stopped writing. Oh, even more shockingly, I stopped reading as well! Though this I did try to correct rather more often than once in five years such as this post.

If you are still reading this after the above musings, I must caution you on similar senseless rambling throughout. Today I am in the mood to break this jinx. New year resolution? Perhaps. I just want to break this habit of avoiding something I used to like. And possibly open an outlet.

At a point I thought let's treat this blog as a journal and type away to glory all my life's events in one single post. But then I thought it might take about a week just to sum it up and I am not sure if blogger has any word limit! So, I would rather take a more indirect approach.

For a long time I realized that I feel like writing, either when I am super happy or when I am kind of sad. On a regular day, it never occurs to my mind that I should pen my thoughts to bore anyone to death.

So many things have changed. Life as I knew it is no more. And again, there are things that has not changed at all.But we all know that, everyone goes through such an experience at some point. I came back to India about a year now and the western part of the country isn't all that bad so far in my experience. But I have noticed I don't live like I used to anymore no matter where I stay. I will probably try to figure out why, for next year or so.

I will try to be more regular here to write more nonsense, mostly because it felt nice to read what I had to say or how I used to think 5 years ago. It's like a time machine that I can create for myself to go back to a different time. Probably better times (but then again, who knows?).

Too many transitions in my life in recent times taught me how to let go and how to hold on. But there is so much more I need to figure out, so many places to visit, so many things to do, it overwhelms me.

For everyone who still roams around random blogs in this age of twitter, snapchat, instagram and whatsapp, I wish a very happy new year. May this year bring all the joy and happiness we all deserve.

Till next time. Cheers.